"Surviving Shipwreck"

The Nile near the Sudan-Egypt boarder 1964.  (in this case an intentional grounding a Johnson specialty)

​​YANKEE, in Johnson’s words, was designed to “climb mountains, cross oceans and survive shipwreck.” She has a number of unique features that have enabled her to accomplish these goals although the “shipwreck survival” has yet to be completely tested. 

Yankee is built of high tensile Corten steel which has over twice the strength of regular steel and her integral water and fuel tanks provide and effective double bottom for most of her length and greatly increase her stability. Her 4 foot 6 inch  draft enables access to small harbors and anchorages and she has two large steel inline centerboards to maximize her sailing characteristics and stability in deeper waters. Yankee holds 1000 gallons of fuel and over 900gallons of water. Cruising range under power is over 3500 miles.


                   asking  $260,000

In 1975 the  Johnsons sold Yankee. She was sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean by her new owner and spent the next 23 years in Trinidad and the Windward Islands.  In 1998 She was purchased by her current owners.

"Climbing Mountains"

foothills of the Alps 1962


   YANKEE is a steel ketch built in Holland in 1959 for Irving and Electra Johnson. The Johnson’s, the most famous American sailing couple of the last century, sailed Yankee over a 15 year period throughout the canals of Europe, the Mediterranean and even up the Nile to Sudan. Their travels are recorded in two books and numerous issues of National Geographic. Here are some pictures from the '60​'s,

             "Crossing Oceans"

               North Sea 1960's.

YANKEE'S entire rig folds down on deck without the need for cranes to allow access to canals with low bridges (though this is quite an elaborate process). 

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